Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two More Days...

Hi everyone,

We are eagerly anticipating a fantastic showcase tomorrow. As always there have been unexpected challenges, but Josiah and I could not be more encouraged by the wit, heart and dedication of these students. I wish you all could visit out here to see how truly remarkable this school is! The teachers and students have been working diligently to make costumes and prop pieces for us and the rehearsals have gone very well during this past week.

We will have video footage of the performance available a couple days after the show.

Right now Josiah and I are recovering from an illness we've termed "The Monsoon." No real food or drink culprit to pin it on; it just seems like every two weeks one or both of us comes down with a 48-hour malaise involving frequent trips to the bathroom. For this reason it will be nice to get back to the states. Your thoughts and prayers for our health are deeply appreciated.

Thanks to all who have kept up with us via this blog. We cannot wait to see you all as soon as possible to share tales from our adventure!


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