Saturday, July 11, 2009

July, July!

Greetings Everyone!

Here's hoping you and yours had a fantastic Independence Day. I have been enjoying some Neutral Milk Hotel and Damien Jurado while composing this entry. If you're wondering why I'm still awake at 4:30am it's because I've also been following my beloved Cubbies on ESPN GameCast... whew! We just beat the Cardinals 5-2. Go Cubs Go!

Just thought I would let you all know what has been going on with our class recently. The kids have made incredible progress with their writing and acting this past week. We have been crafting the students' shows through scene work and improvisation.
There are four awesome pieces in the works for the final showcase which is tentatively scheduled for August 15 (coincidentally the Indian Independence Day). The showcase will consist of a comedic morality play, a medieval fairy tale, a heartfelt family drama and a swashbuckling pirate caper. In case this is your first brush with our blog, these are all original scripts of our students' invention.

Our Illustrious Acting Troupe macho they scared off all the ladies

Once the class has fleshed out the scenes to their liking Josiah and I will tape the scenes and transcribe the dialogue to a working script for each show. After all the scripts are in place, we plan to conduct informal "auditions" so the kids get a taste of the professional acting life. It's going to be fun. Our biggest concern right now is making sure we have female students in attendance. We have had 9 boys attending very consistently and they have been troopers, playing girls' roles when needed (classical theatre at its finest, right?). For all the bravery and hilarity of gender-bending in rehearsal, we are fervently praying that more girls join the ensemble this coming week. We currently have one attending regularly.

Okay, the coffee is wearing off and more baseball games have started back over in the states. I must pull myself away from the digital scoreboard. I wish you all could be here; these kids are truly remarkable.


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