Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preparations for Delhi

Happy May to all and thank you for visiting!

It's been a while since I have blogged regularly. Last time you read anything from me I was a volunteer for the Obama campaign so the focus was on mobilizing voters, clarifying our positions on vital issues, and sharpening our tools for victory in October, which we achieved! Hooray!

Unlike that blog, this column will not espouse any political bent (though of course I still have a wealth of suggestions for Team O). The focus here is on the students of the Good Samaritans Schools in New Delhi and the adventures we will enjoy this summer.

Here's a brief summary of the Good Samaritans and how I came to be affiliated with them:

The Good Samaritan School was established in 1979 to provide free education, nutrition, and medical care to India's impoverished children. You can learn more about the history of the organization and its remarkable founder and director, Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh, by visiting the websites listed below.

On June 1st, I will depart from Newark, NJ with my friend and colleague, Josiah Correll, for a 10 week mission teaching theatre at the schools. Josiah and I met in 2007 while interning at B Street Theatre in Sacramento following his first trip teaching theatre at the Good Samaritans. We quickly hit it off. While working together, Josiah and I realized we shared similar values including a love of Christ, a relentless energy for theatre, and a eagerness to learn and explore. When Josiah invited me to help him expand the theatre curriculum on a follow-up trip to New Delhi, I was floored.

"Who, me?" I thought. "TEACH theatre? I barely know what I'm doing myself! I just enjoy telling a good story and making people smile." Josiah smiled and said, "That's exactly why I need you working with these kids." I must say I was both flattered and humbled. After weeks of thought and prayer, I felt the Lord calling me to accept Josiah's invitation. Once the internship ended, Josiah continued working in Sacramento while I moved south to start a career in Los Angeles; however we both agreed that our mission had to happen soon. Thankfully the fine folks at Friends of the Good Samaritans agreed to sponsor a trip in June 2009 and well, here we are! I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to pursue my passion for the stage and I look forward to helping talented young artists follow their dreams.

As I said, we are going under sponsorship from Friends of the Good Samaritans, a 501(c)3 organization based out of Stamford, Kentucky, established specifically to support the work of the Good Samaritans.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the school at and our sponsors at Any financial, material, or prayer contributions are greatly appreciated.

Check back here often for pictures, videos, and updates on our progress in New Delhi!


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